Established in 1980, Oncor is one of the world's oldest Christmas tree manufacturers. Our eco-friendly trees have an industry-leading product life of 30 to 50 years or more. Being responsible for our planet, all Oncor trees are eco-friendly and are made of 100% recycled PVC plastic.

Oncor is the oldest artificial Christmas tree factory in China. Our manufacturing plant has been established in the south China city of Dongguan (near Hong Kong border) since 1980.

By using the best quality raw materials and tree parts, Oncor trees have a minimum product life of 30 or more years. Consumers can reuse Oncor trees to make 30 or more joyful Christmases eco-friendly.

Oncor green boxes are made from strong corrugated recycled material cardboard with a transparent resin coating on the surface to resist dampness so that consumers can continually reuse our boxes to store Oncor trees after Christmas.

We are the only Christmas tree manufacturer to use super glue instead of white glue on every tree branch to prevent tree tips from falling off within 30 years.

All Oncor tree trunks are made with a unique technology of paint-coating both sides of the metal pipes and all wire branches to prevent rust for at least 30 years, so there is no rust stain in tree box when consumers reuse Oncor trees for Christmas.

We only use high impact, high density plastic hinges and plastic tree parts which will not crack or break, with normal wear and tear, after injection.

Oncor is the only Christmas tree factory that runs on a lean-manufacturing system with a pull-production method to ensure that every tree branch is not crushed on the production floor.

Our eco-friendly, disciplined, engaged, and happy colleagues are well-trained to pack one branch at a time into boxes and leave no wasted space in order to keep trees in the best shape.

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